Clone kit for Murphy's Irish Stout


Clone kit for Murphy's Irish Stout

Recipe Kit for Murphy's Irish Stout

This kit contains all of the grains, hops and yeast required to make a clone of an internationally famous beer.

Please note that this recipe is in no way authorised by Heineken or Murphy's. It's simply our best effort of a faithful reproduction, suitable for home brewing, as an homage to an awesome beer.


Murphy's is a pretty basic stout, lacking the sourness of it's more famous Irish rival but far more drinkable IMHO, especially in Summer. It is originally brewed in my home town, Cork.

This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 70%


All recipes Contain Yeast nutrient and finings in either the 20min, 15 min or 10 min addition.


For water Calculations refer to Brewers friend for water profiles and Water calulator to calculate salt additons.


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23L Recipe

OG – 1.047 FG – 1.010

ABV: 4.9%


3.45 kg Gladfields  Ale Malt

0.47 kg Flaked Oats

.30kg Gladfield Dark Choclate Malt

.24kg Gladfield Roast Barley

.13 Kg Gladfields Medium Crystal

Mash in at 73.1C with 11.98L water, rest for 60 min at 67C.

Sparge with 19.38L water at 75.6C

Preboil size should be 26.76L.

90 minute Boil


18g Magnuml at 90 min

.27kg Table sugar at 90 min (not supplied)

18g Uk Fuggle at 15 min




1 x Safale S-04

Available Options:

Available Options:

Milled or Whole Grains:

Yeast Requirement:

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