North End Iron Sands Oat Rye Stout


North End Iron Sands Oat Rye Stout

North End Iron Sands Oat Rye Stout

This recipe was kindly shared by Kieran Haslett Moore of North End Brewing.


You will need a basic All Grain brewery setup or a BIAB setup to use this recipe. The instructions below are for the standard All Grain methods but you can easily translate to BIAB.

This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 75%.


All recipes Contain Yeast nutrient and finings in either the 20min, 15 min or 10 min addition.


For water Calculations refer to Brewers friend for water profiles and Water calulator to calculate salt additons.


All our recipes are available for viewing/downloading in Beersmith recipe cloud


Using a Grainfather? Here are the Grainfather Calculators

23L Recipe

OG – 1.060 FG – 1.013

ABV: 6.1%


4.90 kg Malteurop Mild Ale Malt

0.6KG Weyermann Special W Malt

0.2KG Weyermann Cararye Malt

0.2KG Weyermann Chocolate Wheat Malt

0.15KG Harraway's Rolled Oats

0.1KG Gladfield's Roast Barley

Mash in at 73.4C with 20L water, rest for 75 min at 66.7C.

Sparge with 17L water at 75.6C

Preboil size should be 32L.

60 minute Boil


10g Pacific Jade at 60 min boil

40g Willamette l at flame-out for a 20 minute Hop Stand



2 x Mangrove Jack's M36 Liberty Bell Yeast


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