Emerson's Bookbinder English Bitter


Emerson's Bookbinder

Emerson's Bookbinder English Bitter

This kit contains all of the grains, hops and yeast required to make a clone of an internationally famous beer. (Please note - this clone is not endorsed by the brewery)

You will need a basic All Grain brewery setup or a BIAB setup to use this recipe. The instructions below are for the standard All Grain methods but you can easily translate to BIAB.


This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 70%.

23L Recipe


2.45KG Gladfields Ale Malt (NZ)

0.82KG Gladfields Munich Malt (NZ)

0.32KG Gladfields Wheat Malt (NZ)

0.20KG Fawcetts Caramalt (UK)

0.20KG Gladfields Medium Crystal Malt (NZ)

0.02KG Gladfields Roast Barley Malt (NZ)


12g Fuggle @ 6.1% AA 60 minutes boil

12g Riwaka @ 5.25% AA 60 minutes boil

12g Fuggle @ 6.1% AA 15 minutes boil

12g Riwaka @ 5.25% AA 15 minutes boil

12g Fuggle @ 6.1% AA for Steep/Whirlpool 10 minutes boil

12g Riwaka @ 5.25% AA Steep/Whirlpool 10 minutes boil


1 x US 04


2g Koppafloc 15 minute boil addition

2g Yeast Nutrient 15 minute boil addition


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