8 Wired i-Stout Russian Imperial Stout


8 Wired i-Stout Russian Imperial Stout

Recipe Kit for 8 Wired i-Stout Russian Imperial Stout

This recipe will be supplied with Lallemand BRY97 yeast until further notice.

This kit contains all of the grains, hops, adjuncts and yeast required to make a clone of an internationally famous beer.

Please note that this recipe is in no way authorised by 8 Wired. It's simply our best effort of a faithful reproduction, suitable for home brewing, as an homage to an awesome beer.


23L Recipe

O.G. 1.088, F.G. 1.014 - ABV: 9.7%


7.0Kg Gladfield Ale

0.3KG Kg Bairds Caramalt

0.3Kg Gladfield Light Chocolate

0.15Kg Gladfield Roast Barley

0.3Kg Harraway's Jumbo Oats

0.3Kg Gladfield Brown Malt

0.3Kg Gladfield Medium Crystal

0.45Kg Belgian Dark Candi Sugar (add to the boil)


58g Pacific Jade at 60 minutes

58g Willamette at 15 minutes

58g Willamette at 3 minutes


4 x US05


Mash in at 70C with 23L water, rest for 60 min at 67C.

Sparge with 15L water at 75C

Preboil size should be 29L.

90 minute Boil

This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 70%

All recipes Contain Yeast nutrient and finings in either the 20min, 15 min or 10 min hops addition.


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