Fresh Wort Pack - Taihake SMaSH


Te Aro Brewing Co Taihake SMaSH Fresh Wort Pack

Fresh Wort Pack - Taihake SMaSH

(Average contents: 22L)

20 Litres of Fresh Wort Pack - SMaSH with Gladfields American Ale and Taihake (formerly NZ Cascade) Hops, brewed by Te Aro Brewing

OG is 1.046. Estimated FG using US05 is 1.010 giving an ABV of about 4.7%

Malts: Gladfields American Ale.

Dry Hops: 60g Taihake

Included: 1 pack of Safale US-05 dry yeast and Dry Hops

Shipping is calculated at $5 per wort pack to the North Island and $7.50 to the South Island. Please do not include wort packs with a larger order as the shipping will not be calculated correctly. (Select the first shipping option at checkout)


General Instructions:

1 - Sterilise your fermenter

2 - Pour the wort from the cube into the fermenter and stir / shake vigourously

3 - Pitch the yeast as per the instructions on the pack

4 - Ferment at the appropriate temperature (18-20C) until fermentation is finished, (bubbling through the airlock has subsided).

5 - Add the dry hops (60g), after fermentation has finished on day 4 before bottling or kegging.

6 - Keg or bottle.

7 - Enjoy!!

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