Fresh Wort Pack - Hazy IPA


Fresh Wort Pack - Hazy IPA

Fresh Wort Pack - Hazy IPA

(Average contents: 22L)

20 Litres of Fresh Wort Pack - Hazy IPA brewed by Te Aro Brewing

This is a very limited release of wort pack.

This batch was brewed exclusively with experimental hop HORT4337, US Cascade, Simcoe

OG is 1.067. Estimated FG using US-05 is 1.013 giving an ABV of about 7.0%

Malts: Gladfields American Ale, Gladfields Wheat.

Dry Hops: 100g Simcoe and 100g Mosaic

Included: 2 packs of Safale US-05 dry yeast and Dry Hops

Shipping is calculated at $5 per wort pack to the North Island and $7.50 to the South Island. Please do not include wort packs with a larger order as the shipping will not be calculated correctly. (Select the first shipping option at checkout)


General Instructions:

1 - Sterilise your fermenter

2 - Pour the wort from the cube into the fermenter and stir / shake vigourously

3 - Pitch the yeast as per the instructions on the pack

4 - Ferment at the appropriate temperature (18C) until fermentation stops - at least 2 weeks

5 - During vigourous fermentation, add the first half of the dry hops (50g of each). After fermentation has finished, day 6 ish, add the remaining dry hops.

6 - Keg or bottle.

7 - Enjoy!!


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