Pliny the Elder Double IPA


Pliny the Elder Double IPA

Recipe Kit for Pliny the Elder Double IPA

This kit contains all of the grains, hops and yeast required to make a clone of an internationally famous beer.

You will need a basic All Grain brewery setup or a BIAB setup to use this recipe. The instructions below are for the standard All Grain methods but you can easily translate to BIAB.

Please note that this recipe is in no way authorised by the Russian River Brewing Company. It's simply our best effort of a faithful reproduction, suitable for home brewing, as an homage to an awesome beer.


Pliny the Elder (from Russian River Brewing Co.) is an enormous double IPA. It has hops on top of hops, more hops, and then some hops. The malt bill is pretty simple, producing a nice ever-so-slightly-burnt orange color. The aroma ... well, words do not do it justice. If you love hops, you must brew this - the recipe below uses over 350g of hops.

Honestly, I didn't make this up. The brewers have kindly posted the recipe.

The smaller dry hop addition is to coincide with the last 5 days of the larger dry hop addition.

Please note, the recipe below will vary slightly depending on the AA% of hops in stock.

If using a Grainfather, we recommend using a hop spider or a large bag to place the hops in. If not using a bag, expect a huge amount of loss to hops and high risk of blocking the pump filter.

This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 70%.


All recipes Contain Yeast nutrient and finings in either the 20min, 15 min or 10 min addition.


For water Calculations refer to Brewers friend for water profiles and Water calulator to calculate salt additons.

23L Recipe


6.18KG Gladfields American Ale Malt (NZ)

0.28KG Gladfield Light Crystal (NZ)

0.28KG Gladfields Gladiator (NZ)

0.36KG Table Sugar (Self Supplied)


Mash in at 70.6C with 17.61L water, rest for 75 min at 64.4C.

Sparge with 16L water at 75.6C

Preboil size should be 27L.

90 minute Boil


90g Columbus @ 13.9% AA for 90 minutes boil

20g Columbus @ 13.9% AA for 45 minutes boil

34g Simcoe @ 12.3% AA for 30 minutes boil

30g Centennial @ 9.1% AA at flame-out

70g Simcoe @ 12.3% AA at flame-out

30g Centennial @ 9.1% AA for 7 days dry hopping

30g Columbus @ 13.9% AA for 7 days dry hopping

30g Simcoe @ 12.3% AA for 7 days dry hopping

10g Centennial @ 9.1% AA for 3 days dry hopping

10g Columbus @ 13.9% AA for 3 days dry hopping

10g Simcoe @ 12.3% AA for 3 days dry hopping

Comes with 2 x Safale US-05

Available Options:

Milled or Whole Grains:

Yeast Requirement:

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