Clone kit for Pilsner Urquell


Clone kit for Pilsner Urquell

Recipe Kit for Pilsner Urquell

This kit contains all of the grains, hops and yeast required to make a clone of an internationally famous beer.

You will need a basic All Grain brewery setup or a BIAB setup to use this recipe. The instructions below are for the standard All Grain methods but you can easily translate to BIAB.

Please note that this recipe is in no way authorised by Pilsner Urquell. It's simply our best effort of a faithful reproduction, suitable for home brewing, as an homage to an awesome beer.


This classic Pilsner has a thick white head, a bright gold color, and a wonderfully floral bouquet of Saaz hops in the nose. Only Czech Saaz hops which are grown near Zatec, a town in the heart of the Czech hop-growing region, are used in this beer. This Pilsner is extremely well-balanced with hop bitterness and malt sweetness. Drinking this delicate-bodied Pilsner when it is fresh is as close to beer heaven as you can get.

Tip - You will need a starter - at least 200g of DME in 2L of sterile water.

Tip - This lager will benefit greatly from a lagering process of 3 to 6 weeks. I would not attempt this beer unless I had a spare fridge with room for a glass carboy at 3"C to 6'C

This recipe assumes a brewhouse efficiency of 75%.


All recipes Contain Yeast nutrient and finings in either the 20min, 15 min or 10 min addition.


For water Calculations refer to Brewers friend for water profiles and Water calulator to calculate salt additons.

23L Recipe


5KG Gladfields Pilsner Malt (NZ)

0.275KG Gladfields Gladiator (NZ) (CaraPils equivalent)

0.125KG Gladfields Munich Type 1 (NZ)


25g Czech Saaz pellet @ 3.5% AA First Wort Hopping

42g Czech Saaz pellet @ 3.5% AA for 60 minutes boil

28g Czech Saaz pellet @ 3.5% AA for 15 minutes boil


1 x WLP800 or 2 x M54 California Lager


1g Koppafloc and 2g Yeast Nutrient (included with the 15 minute hop addition)

Instructions (for 23L brew)

- Mash in with 14.1L of strike water (~73.5C kit dependent) to hit a Mash Temp of 65.4C for 60 minutes.

- Recirculate after 60 minutes until clear ~15L.

- Drain mash tun slow and steady (Sparging process should take at least 20min+).

- Batch sparge with 22.2L of ~75C sparge water in one batch.

- Boil Volume is ~29L (Top up if required) Boil for 90 minutes adding hop additions as labelled.

- Crash chill to ~20C as quickly as possible Estimated OG 1.053

- Transfer to fermenter, aerating as much as possible and pitch yeast starter (Lagers require double the pitch of an Ale - 2 packets of dry or a packet of liquid with a decent starter.)

- Ferment at 12C for 7-14 days or until finished, raising to 20C for last few days.

- Crash chill to 3C and lager for 4 weeks.

- Bottle or keg!

Available Options:

Milled or Whole Grains:

Yeast Requirement:


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